Transparent LED in UAE

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AIMS LED screen is a major distributor and installer of the world's top Transparent LED displays in the UAE, offering a diverse selection of LED solutions. The AIMS LED screen transparent LED display can define current model advanced video image processing products based on the development of multi-windows, ultra-high resolution, and visual display control technology. AIMS LED screens is known for providing winning solutions through the distribution of cutting-edge goods that offer high brightness, flexibility, long-lasting , low weight, and other features, as well as providing satisfactory service.


The United Arab Emirates is situated in Middle East, bordering the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf, between Oman and Saudi Arabia; it is in a strategic location slightly south of the Strait of Hormuz, a vital transit point for world crude oil.
The UAE lies between 22°30' and 26°10' north latitude and between 51° and 56°25′ east longitude. It shares a 530-kilometre (330 mi) border with Saudi Arabia on the west, south, and southeast, and a 450-kilometre (280 mi) border with Oman on the southeast and northeast. The land border with Qatar in the Khawr al Udayd area is about nineteen kilometres (12 miles) in the northwest; however, it is a source of ongoing dispute. Following Britain's military departure from the UAE in 1971, and its establishment as a new state, the UAE laid claim to islands resulting in disputes with Iran that remain unresolved. The UAE also disputes claim on other islands against the neighboring state of Qatar.

Transparent LED in UAE

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