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Alpha brand specializing in Outdoor and Outdoor LED Display in Uganda. Our products ranges from LED Video wall, transparent & flexible solutions, digital sign board and digital signage. Alpha brings deep technology expertise to display challenges.


Uganda's immediate post-independence years were dominated by the relationship between the central government and the largest regional kingdom – Buganda.
From the moment the British created the Uganda protectorate, the issue of how to manage the largest monarchy within the framework of a unitary state had always been a problem. Colonial governors had failed to come up with a formula that worked. This was further complicated by Buganda's nonchalant attitude to its relationship with the central government. Buganda never sought independence but rather appeared to be comfortable with a loose arrangement that guaranteed them privileges above the other subjects within the protectorate or a special status when the British left. This was evidenced in part by hostilities between the British colonial authorities and Buganda prior to independence.

Outdoor LED Uganda

Kampala, Uganda

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